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About Us


Dear Friends,
It has been our pleasure for the past 2 1/2 years to offer you the best desserts, guilty pleasures, soups, and salads in an atmosphere that we hoped would be as comfortable as the food was delicious. However at this time in our lives we have decided to move on to other ventures, and have sold our café to a wonderful new couple who we expect will continue the tradition of good food and exquisite pastries. Our love of this city and this country has played a large role in our decision, as we realized we had stopped living and were no longer enjoying the beauty and splendor that is abundant here. It is this passion that has led us to the next chapter in our lives, Popacuchu Tours. We plan to share the beauty of Ecuador with students from high schools across the United States. Thank you for your patronage and friendships, as we owe our successes these past several years to your loyalty, trust, and good taste!



Pete, Michelle, & Melina



 Our Team



It has been a pleasure welcoming everyone-- Cuencanos, North Americans, & Europeans, to name a few, into our café and introducing you to the best


Michelle Bakeman


I’ll be making everything on the menu; I hope to see smiles on the faces of everyone who has tasted my pastries & other delights.


“Popacuchu” explained

The name “Popacuchu” is steeped in Mexican, Chilean, and U.S. Western & mid-Western lore. Four years ago my wife acquired the first of our two dogs, Popa, a Brussels Griffon-Shih Tzu mix, from a breeder in Utah, following the death of our chow-lab, Luna, who had been with the family for nearly 14 years. Popa’s namesake is Popocatépetl, an active volcano in central Mexico. As recently as last year Popacatépetl threatened 50,000 people living in 24 towns in the surrounding area, spewing glowing rock fragments and ash from more than 60 openings in its crust. Fearing Popa might become lonely in our home without a playmate, my wife found Cuchuflí five months later, opening our home this time to a mid-Western transplant from Minnesota. My wife Michelle, half-Chilean (her mother is Chilean, her father, like me, is Gringo) spent her childhood summers in Viná del Mar, becoming familiar with all things Chile, including the sweet Chilean pastry known as a ‘cuchuflí.’ A cuchuflí is a sweet dough rolled into a cigar shape, filled with caramel, or dulce de leche. The name seemed perfectly suited for our newest little lap dog. In retrospect, the names for the two do not really fit; they should be reversed: Popa, in my humble (& solitary) opinion, is the sweeter of the two, having a heart of pure gold. Case in point: both dogs were taken to our vet in Norfolk, VA, for their first round of shots. Cuchuflí (always the drama queen) screamed out in pain, while Popa, after her shot, simply gave the nurse a kiss, licking her on the nose. The Cuchuflí, whose snarling, growling, and barking at other dogs including her sister as well as guests in our home is legendary, definitely seems more related to a volcano whose name means “smoking mountain” in the Nahuatl Indian language, striking fear in the hearts of nearby farmers on a yearly basis.


Please check out our Lunch, Desserts, and Drinks menus below.



Desayuno Popacuchu  $6,00
se puede elegir entre lo siguiente como el plato principal:
*quiche de champiñones y queso (tocino opcional)
*quiche de jamón y queso con tocino
*panini de huevos revueltos queso, tocino o jamón
*servido con una taza de fruta fresca con yogurt y granola

y una galleta francesa de almendras y canela, un café

americano o un té


Popacuchu Breakfast  $6,00
Choose among the following as the main dish:
*mushroom & cheese quiche (bacon optional)
*ham & cheese quiche; side of bacon
*scrambled egg & cheese panini w/bacon or ham
*served w/fresh fruit cup topped w/yogurt & granola

and a crispy French almond cinnamon cookie
*café Americano or hot tea


Desayuno Tradicional  $5,00
Huevos revueltos o fritos con una porción de
tocino y pan tostado de la casa servido con
mantequilla y mermelada y un café americano
o un té
*se puede sustituir una copa de fruta fresca por
el tocino


Traditional Breakfast  $5,00
Eggs either scrambled or sunny-side up, with
a portion of crispy bacon & homemade toasted
bread, served w/butter & marmalade, and a
café Americano or hot tea
*a fresh fruit cup may be substituted for the bacon



Tostadas Francesas  $6,00
Pan dulce de canela y pasas hecho en casa
y tostado de estilo francés, servido con una
porción de tocino y un copa de fruta fresca
con yogurt y granola, un café americano o
un té


French Toast Platter  $6,00
French toast made from homemade Popacuchu
Cinnamon Raisin Bread, served with crispy
bacon, a fresh fruit cup topped with yogurt &
granola, a café Americano or hot tea



Desayuno Especial  $8,00
Un plato repleto de todo de lo mejor del desayuno

americano:  dos rebanadas de tostadas francesas,

una porción de tocino, papas asadas y dos huevos,

revueltos o fritos, como quiera Ud.


Popacuchu Sampler  $8,00
A meal to satisfy even the hungriest.  Your breakfast

will include two slices of homemade french toast,

two strips of smokey bacon, a portion of buttery

roasted potatoes, and two eggs, your choice of

either scrambled or fried.

Lunch & Drinks

Lunch menu logo PNG





Nachos con carne molida, tomates, cebollas, pimentones dulces, queso, y aguacate (with ground beef,

tomatoes, onions, sweet bell peppers, cheese, & avocado)                                                       $6.50



*servidas con pan y mantequilla con hierbas (served with bread & herb butter)


Ensalada Popacuchu pollo, tocino ahumado, pimentones dulces, queso, cebolla, aguacate con aliño
de albahaca (chicken, smoked bacon, roasted sweet bell peppers, cheese, red on      ion, avocado with basil
pesto dressing)                                                                                                                         $6.00


Ensalada Siciliana una mezcla deliciosa de camarones, albahaca fresca, tomates, pimentones dulces, piña, cebollas rojas y almendras tostadas con aderezo balsámico de naranja y limón  (a delicious mix of shrimp, fresh basil, cherry tomatoes, sweet bell peppers, pineapple, red onions, & toasted almonds with a citrus balsamic dressing)                                    $7,00


Ensalada Francesa salmón ahumado, queso de cabra, peras, y nueces con aliño de aceite de
oliva y limón  (smoked salmon, goat cheese, pears, & walnuts with olive oil & lemon dressing)       $7,00


Ensalada Vegetariana fréjoles, zanahorias, tomate, maíz dulce, aguacate, brócoli, queso y cebolla
con aliño de ajo asado (beans, carrots, tomato, sweet corn, avocado, broccoli, cheese, & red onion with
roasted garlic balsamic dressing)                                                                                                $4,75


Ensalada de Pollo Curry manzana verde, cebolla verde, brócoli y nueces con agucate 

(green apples, green onions, broccoli, walnuts & avocado)                                                           $6,50







Sopa del día servida en pan hecho en casa (soup of the day served in homemade bread bowl)                   $3,50


Taza de la sopa del día, con pan y mantequilla  (Cup of the soup of the day, with bread & herb butter)        $2,25





*servidos con papitas fritas (served with potato chips, lettuce & tomato)


Panini Melina pavo, pesto y queso (turkey, pesto & cheese)                                                   $4.50


Panini Suizo jamón, queso suizo, cebollas caramelizadas y mayonesa (ham, swiss cheese,

caramelized onion & mayonnaise)                                                                                        $4.50


Panini Vegetariano vegetales asados, queso y mayonesa con pesto de albahaca
(roasted vegetables, cheese & basil pesto mayonnaise)                                                          $4.00


El Peteh pollo BBQ, tocino ahumado y provolone ahumado (BBQ chicken, smoked bacon
& smoked provolone)                                                                                                           $5.50


BLT tocino, lechuga y tomate con mayonesa (bacon, lettuce, & tomato)                                  $3,50


Popacuchu Club jamón, pavo y tocino, quesos provolone ahumado y suizo, lechuga y

tomate dentro de tres rebanadas de pan (ham, turkey, & bacon, smoked provolone

& gruyere cheeses, lettuce & tomato, all nestled between three slices of bread)                      $6,50


*Se puede pedir la mitad de cada sandwich con una taza de sopa o con la mitad de
la porción de la ensalada vegetariana (Ask for half of any sandwich with a cup of soup
or half portion of the veggie salad)



Batidos de fruta y yogurt sabores incluyen:  fresa, plátano, y mora.
(Yogurt & fruit smoothies.  Flavors include:  strawberry, banana, & blackberry).                    $2,50

Colas                                                                                                                              $1,25
negro y aguitas (black tea & herbal teas)                                                                       $1,00

en botella                                                                                                                    $1,25           

Agua en botella                                                                                                                $ ,75
Vino Tinto                                                                                  Copa    $3,50    Botella   $13,00
Vino Blanco                                                                               Copa    $3,50    Botella   $13,00
Mimosa champaña con nectar de mango, durazno o jugo de naranja (champagne with your
choice of mango nectar, peach nectar, or orange juice                                                        $3.00

Cerveza Equatoriana

      Pilsener                                                                                                                      $1.75    

      Club                                                                                                                           $1.50


Café Americano                                   $1,00
Espresso                                              $1,00
Café Au Lait                                         $2,00
Café Au Lait Con Vainilla                      $2,25
Cappuccino                                          $2,00
Cappuccino Con Vainilla                       $2,25
Cappuccino Con Amaretto                    $3,50
Cappuccino Con Irish Cream                 $3,50
Café Mocha                                          $2,25
Café Mochamenta peppermint mocha    $2,50



Mocha Frappe espresso, chocolate, leche y hielo (espresso, chocolate, milk & crushed ice)           $2,25


Café Melina un café mocha con helado de chocolate con crema batida (a café mocha poured

over three small scoops of chocolate ice cream, served with whipped cream & chocolate drizzle    $3,50


Café con Nieve espresso, leche, y helado de vainilla con crema batida y chocolate blanco (a shot of
espresso with 3 small scoops of vanilla ice cream and frothy milk topped with whipped cream &
white chocolate)                                                                                                                        $3,50


Café Caramelo espresso con helado de vainilla, manjar, chocolate blanco, y crema batida (espresso
with 3 small scoops of vanilla ice cream, white chocolate & caramel, topped with whipped cream
& caramel)                                                                                                                                 $3,75




Desserts logo PNG




Nubes (clouds) un pastel de seis capas compuesto de una fundación de galleta de mantequilla, una capa
de torta o brownie, y una capa de merengue, todas separadas por crema, fruta y ganache de chocolate.
(A six-layer pastry consisting of a buttery crust foundation, a cake or brownie layer, and a baked
meringue layer, all separated by cream, fruit-fillings, and chocolate ganache).                               $3,00


Eclairs Rellenos de Mousse de Chocolate bañados en brillante ganache de chocolate
(eclairs topped with shiny chocolate ganache)                                                                           $2,50


Pastelitos de Pâte Choux pastel francés relleno de una variedad de cremas, frutas y chocolate,
bañado en ganache (French pastry puffs filled with a variety of creams & fruits and bathed in chocolate ganache)      $2,50


Pâte Sucreé pastel dulce relleno de diferentes sabores ricos, un fin perfecto del día.
(Sweet pastry tarts with a variety of fillings, the perfect end to any day).                                      $2,75


 Pastel Popacuchu tres capas de torta de chocolate, separadas por un mousse de chocolate y ganache,
para los adictos al cacao.
(Three rich layers of fudge cake, separated by a silky dark chocolate mousse.   The cake is then showered
with chocolate ganache, more mousse and decorated with chocolate ornaments).                      $3,25


Strudel manzanes cocinadas con canela, miel, y nueces dentro de un pastel frances.
(A cooked apple, honey, & nut filling rolled inside layers of flakey, buttery French pastry & baked
to a golden brown with a caramelized sugar topping).                              $2,50       A la mode…  $3,25


Frangipane inspirado por el postre tradicional, nuestro frangipane consiste de fruta, nueces

y chocolate blanco, todo acurrucado en una cupúla de pastel francés (Inspired by the traditional

French dessert, our frangipane consists of baked candied fruit, nuts, & chopped white chocolate fillings,

nestled in a sculpted dome of French pastry).                                          $2,50      A la mode…   $3,25


Trufas Popacuchu Popacuchu truffles.                                                                                        $ 1,00

Popacuchu Chipwich sandwich hecho de dos galletas de la casa con helado de vainilla o chocolate.  $2,75
Biscotti y Galletas de diferentes sabores                                                                                    $ 1,00

Florentines                                                                                                                               $ 1,50
Trufa Fudge                                                                                                                              $ 2,25 – $2,50




*Los pasteles cambian cada día.  A la chef pastelera le encanta inventar nuevas delicias, entonces siempre habrá una nueva creación original.


*Pastries rotate daily.  The pastry chef loves to invent new desserts, so there will always be a new, original creation.








We are now proud to offer gluten-free flatbreads and gluten-free sweet crumpets made to order.  These delicious breads are available in packs of four for $6.00 and can be pre-ordered in the following flavors:


Savory flat breads:

  • Rosemary (with or w/o garlic)
  • Sun-dried tomato (with or w/o garlic)
  • Black olive (with or w/o garlic)
  • Basil pesto


Sweet crumpets:

  • Cinnamon brown sugar
  • Cinnamon almond
  • Orange walnut


*Please place your order at least 48 hours in advance.*



Popacuchu Catering Menu


Menu options for $10 per head (5 items total):


The Sweet:
♦Popacuchu cookies (choice of chocolate chip, roasted ginger white chocolate, cinnamon oatmeal raisin, lime coconut white chocolate)
♦Popacuchu truffles (an assortment of flavors to be arranged with the chef)


The Savory:
♦Shrimp cocktail
♦Choice of: a fresh fruit and cheese platter or pear, blue cheese and walnut lettuce wraps
♦Choice of: homemade hummus with pesto flatbread or bruschetta on homemade bread with Mediterranean marinated roasted vegetables



Menu options for $15 per head (8 items total):


The Sweet:
♦Popacuchu cookies (choice of chocolate chip, roasted ginger white chocolate, cinnamon oatmeal raisin, lime coconut white chocolate)
♦Popacuchu truffles (an assortment of flavors to be arranged with the chef)
♦Choice of: mini clouds (flavor to be arranged with chef), mini chocolate mousse puffs, or mini key lime white chocolate tartlets


The Savory:
♦Homemade hummus with pesto flatbread
♦Bruschetta on homemade bread and with roasted, Mediterranean marinated roasted vegetables
♦Choice between smoked salmon puffs with chive and bacon cream cheese or shrimp cocktail
♦Choice between mini chicken bites with spicy Asian peanut sauce or Italian meatballs with tomato basil sauce
♦Choice between mini Caprese salad (mozzarella, cherry tomato, and sweet basil) or pear, blue cheese and walnut lettuce wraps



Menu Options for $20 per head (11 total items):


The Sweet:
♦Popacuchu cookies (choice of chocolate chip, roasted ginger white chocolate, cinnamon oatmeal raisin, lime coconut white chocolate)
♦Popacuchu truffles (an assortment of flavors to be arranged with the chef)
♦Mini clouds (flavor to be arranged with the chef)
♦Choice of either mini chocolate mousse puffs or mini key lime white chocolate tartlets


The Savory:
♦Fresh fruit and cheese platter with assortment of crackers
♦Platter of medley of olives and nuts
♦Homemade hummus with pesto flatbread
♦Bruschetta on homemade bread with Mediterranean marinated roasted vegetables
♦Choice of mini Caprese salad (mozzarella, cherry tomato and sweet basil) or pear, blue cheese, and walnuts wrapped in lettuce
♦Choice of smoked salmon puffs with bacon and chive cream cheese or shrimp cocktail
♦Choice of mini chicken bites with spicy Asian peanut sauce or Italian meatballs with tomato basil sauce


*The price of these menus does not include the standard 12% IVA, beverages, or the cost of disposable plates, utensils, and glassware. We will gladly shop for these items on your behalf, the cost for said items to be added to the total bill as well as a $25 service fee.


Special Dinner Event

The Popacuchu History of Food Dinner Series


Join us for a celebration of cuisine as we trace the history of one ingredient across the globe. On Saturday, January 23rd, indulge in appetizers and cocktails, two courses, and dessert featuring pears prepared in unique ways and accompanied by a variety of delicious wines selected to pair with each dish.


The night’s menu features puff pastry stuffed with pear, bacon, Gruyere, and caramelized onions and smoked salmon, pear and blue cheese appetizers, served with pear-inspired cocktails. Our first course will be a fusion-inspired salad with sweet and bitter greens, toasted walnuts, grilled pear, and maple- mustard dressing.


We will then enjoy succulent orange and fennel roasted salmon and shrimp, accompanied by a pear, cranberry and orange chutney, spicy roasted potatoes, and crisp asparagus served upon a bed of sautéed sweet pepper and onion.


Finally, the meal comes to a close with honey wine and spice roasted pears served hot and topped with melting vanilla ice cream and crunchy homemade toffee.


  • $30 per person, limit 25 people.
  • Drinks included.
  • Come to Popacuchu to reserve your place at this decadent affair.
  • Saturday, October 24, 6:30 PM.

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The Difference

Every cake from Popacuchu is made from scratch, from only the best ingredients:  fresh cream, butter, and high quality chocolate.  I don’t cover my cakes in fondant, as I find it gummy in texture and lacking in flavor.  Instead, on my specialty cakes, I use a white chocolate buttercream which smooths out much like fondant does and can be tinted any color, but it taste delicious.  In addition, every decoration on my cakes is edible, always made of sugar, chocolate, or a combination of the two.


Additionally, nearly all of the items on our menu are made in-house, including the soup bread bowls.  We are thrilled to provide you with a delicious, comfortable, and memorable dining experience here at Popacuchu.  If you believe we have failed or excelled in any of these areas, please do not hesitate to let us know;  we keep a dragon for complaints and a genie for compliments on retainer.  Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you again, and again, and again.























































Our café was featured in the insert, “Lo mejor y lo nuevo de CUENCA,” (The best and the new of Cuenca), found in the national magazine Vistazo, No. 1132, Octubre 23 / 2014.  Vistazo, based in Guayaquil, has an announced circulation of 20,600; it may be found at Supermaxi grocery stores, Fybeca pharmacies, and road-side media carts.  Yes, our Melina made the cover!!



"Lo mejor y lo nuevo de CUENCA" ... The Best and The New of Cuenca.

“Lo mejor y lo nuevo de CUENCA” … The Best and The New of Cuenca.

brochure inside copy


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Tuesday – Friday:  7:30am – 4pm
Saturday:    9am – 5pm
Sunday & Monday:         closed







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